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„ Our bridal shoes are made in the technology of dance shoes. Therefore, it is very different from the typical wedding shoes, which are most often made in the classic style of walking shoes.Our shoes provide less tired feet comfort and stability as well as saving  you money- no need to buy a second pair for dance..“


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                            is a social, wedding, dancing, walking shoes, which you can stack them according to your own style, taste & size. including Bespoke shoes .


Creat your shoes the way you like for your wedding, prom or just to wear for fun. It's great to put together your dream shoes as for Cinderella. :)


Here it is not just the shoes, but also about style & luxury.


You can choose from different models the parts you like and put them together

as if it was LEGO :)


Enjoy shopping on our site, and check around all the possibility for assembly and installation of beautiful shoes created and designed by you.


Your not searching here only for the size as a regular in the mall, but also the height of the heels, heels style, binding and fastening, mounting style, color, or multiple combinations, material, various buckles and ornaments, and also where you can add Swarowski crystals.


WE HAVE ALL SIZES  from size 32 to 44


Popelka team

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