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How to work with us ?


1. Upon receipt of the electronic order we will send you a proforma invoice for payment

   which will be a confirmation of order.  ( For many reasons, the most important of it ,that our products are  

   hand made work,customer should pay 50% in advance And the other half pays for the delivery company    

   upon delivery).


2. On the day of the deposit amount is credited to our account will begin the process of production for your  

    item, and from that day counts 20 to 25 working days for delivery of your order.

    *Shipment may vary according to the season.


3. After completing your items , we will send them to your mailing address

   you specified in the order.



4. If something is not as you imagined send the shoes back to us and we

   we let additionally adjust according to your additional requirements , without additional

   cost to you . The adjustment can be repeated many times as desired .


6. When producing new models according to your own design , and our models tailored

   exactly, including circuits ( atypical treatment ) to measure the deposit in case of cancellation



7. In our models tailored according to the length of the foot is possible to cancel the order and , in

   such a case we will refund a deposit within 3 days of receipt bot to us, but

   we charge 15 EUR as a cancellation fee , which is deducted from the paid advances .

Article . I.




1. The right to make a complaint


If there is a defect in the purchased goods , the consumer has the right to claim the defect . For proper evaluation of the complaint is necessary that claimed the goods were clean, complete and in compliance with health regulations or general hygienic principles.


The consumer is obliged to observe the use of the goods in addition to well-known rules , those laid down for the use of goods (especially proper care and use) in accordance with his natural life .



- Defects or damage caused by improper use or excessive

wear shoes.

- Damage pneumatic systems , different elements ( ornaments , switching to customers)

- Mechanical damage , scratches , burrs due to excessive load of shoes

- Hilarious paint polishes due to non-compliance with the principles of proper maintenance

- Skin damage as a result of untreated or soaked shoes


Seller is not liable for defects for which it was granted a discount on the price of the goods and the customer has been informed about them .

For goods tailored (shoes ) personally takeover by testing and payment of goods the customer confirms the size and other dimensions of the goods which he ceases the opportunity to launch a complaint to the size , length, width and other dimensions of the shoe . It is also not possible to claim the pre-selected color!

For this reason it is necessary in their own interest to pay sufficient attention to the choice of color and size of the goods required to be made to measure , because the return of the goods by the customer , since the goods were tailored by challenging its subsequent sale to another customer , a dealer in such if entitled to 50 % of the goods and until the goods not sold to another customer .


Article . II

2. Complaint Procedure


- Claimed shoes provide properly cleaned , hygienically clean in original packaging

together with proof of purchase (receipt , invoice) from the dealer - the service.

- In case of appearance of defects , it is necessary to claim the shoes immediately after its detection in

accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and shoes no longer apply

- Product defects that can be removed are removed within 30 days in accordance with

specific provisions of the Civil Code

- In this case the customer has the right to ask for a discount or exchange shoes

- In case of irreparable defects shoes to prevent its proper use, the customer

entitled to a replacement or withdrawal by the Civil


- The shoe that is using extensively damaged mechanically inadequate

care is not covered by the claim !

- If the defect is correctable , but the re- occurrence after repair ( at least 2

Previous repair the same defect ), or for a large number of defects ( at the time of application

claim the goods while at least three different removable defects) the consumer can not

goods properly used , has the right to:

* At an exchange item or withdraw from the contract and demand the return of the purchase price.

If buyer asks for a discount , a claim may be settled its provision . Discount for goods is provided if it is unrecoverable defects that prevent the proper use of the goods as intended . In determining the amount of the discount is taken into account in the error range of goods claimed .


Same rights as when defects that can not be removed, the consumer , even if the repair of defective goods not made within 30 days of the claim.

In case of sending the goods ordered by mail ( cash on delivery ) and the subsequent detection of errors subject to a claim , you must immediately return the unused product back to the seller no later than 14 working days to be processed claim .

O received a customer complaint must issue a certificate stating the date on which the claim is raised , what the claimed goods when and where it was claimed goods purchased, the price at which the goods were purchased .

Settlement of a claim may not last longer than 30 days from the date of the claim.

If the claim is dealt with repair, the warranty period shall be extended by the period from filing a complaint to the day when the consumer is required after completion of repairs to accept the goods , even if the buyer did not do so . The seller must give the buyer a confirmation about when exercised this right , as well as the repair and its duration.

If the claim is settled by exchanging the defective goods to be free from defects in it for new goods new warranty again after the receipt of new things or the date on which the customer is obliged thing in the settlement of a claim picked up.

In the manufacture of shoes tailored to a customer takes delivery of mail when a customer has a 14-day period to properly test the shoes (especially in terms of its size ) - in this period , the customer has the right to claim inadequate size to him after this deadline will expire !




Claims can be applied to peel off the sole of a burst seam (applicable to it at the onset of these defects at the beginning of use ( not for a few months already worn footwear), by breaking the heel and the hidden material defects . Claim does not apply to changes in pattern and color of the material , size ( see above).

Goods orders can be canceled only before payment of the deposit . Otherwise , the seller will charge a penalty of 10 % of the agreed purchase price.

If the customer can be made out to order shoes and during this time the production stops dancing , resp. already for some other reason not need , is obliged to pay the goods properly and is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid. In this case, it is possible to provide goods to the seller on the other - consignment sale, but will be returned only 70% of the shoes price.

For any claim to the complaint , the provisions of the Civil Code and other laws generally known in the country.

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