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Svatba na Mauritiu - Lucie Fričová



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Hello, I would love to thank Shoes Shoes Cinderella.

Especially Mrs. Matt for her warmth, courtesy and friendliness.

I have shoes for peace, which I perfectly enjoyed at your wedding and you definitely will enjoy the other dance events. I do not have to worry about blisters or swelling because they are very comfortable and convenient. Once again, thank you very much and I like here in the future again choose. Have a nice evening, upcoming holidays and welcoming the new year.

Vendula Šumberová






The shoes I am very satisfied, were comfortable and in relation to height

opätkov (9 cm), I had them booted without a break for about 14 hours and at all

ma neotlačili.

I recommend them to everyone :)



Mgr. Katarína Humeňajová




Choose your Shoes



I enclose a few photos from the wedding.

With booties I was very satisfied and so we once again thank you very much.


Linda Kadlecová



I'm sending the promised photos from the wedding, but unfortunately I could not find a photo where the slippers were easier to see.


Searching for their dream wedding shoes, I spent a lot of time and I could never find any bit similar. Az in your store I finally discovered and yet I could assemble all the extras to your liking :-)


Open-toe sandals at the first testing of home pushed enough, but then I botkach regularly went home and I was able to find the ideal degree of tightening strap, so after a few days the shoe all changed in a very comfortable :-) entire wedding day, I almost did not know about them and to in everyday life I do not wear heels almost impossible. So great satisfaction with the quality, appearance and comfort.

Best regards and wishes a pleasant day



Hello Mrs. Mattová,


Attached please find the promised Holy photos. bots. I've been in them for 16 hours, the greatest satisfaction.




Ivana Petrželková (Čechalová)



Good evening, Mrs. Eva,


I promised to get back to you how happy I am with the wedding shoes.

It took a while, but you were right - shoes gave way, and now I would not trade it for anything in the world. I'm sorry if my initial reaction of shoes were not exactly convincing. The problem was not how the shoe looked, at first glance I received beautiful and I wanted just feel deceived, I had a different experience with similar shoes.

Enabling took a while, I still have bruising from minor side-Pasecká, but the shoes are comfortable, great, every day is a moment lace up and enjoy the feeling.

Thank you and I wish you, whether you are doing too much in your case, I will already promoted on their classes RJ, people are curious and like a fairy tale, even the Cinderella :-).

Have a nice day.